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American Canyon Development Goals and Development Strategy, 2017-present

Decision Point: The City of American Canyon wanted to identify priority economic development goals that could help guide the City’s near-term efforts.


Assignment: After reviewing a variety of recent efforts and discussing current challenges facing staff, New Economics interviewed each American Canyon City Council member. New Economics presented potential economic development priority goals to the City Council and facilitated a discussion to refine and finalize four priority goals. Following the workshop, the City requested that New Economics prepare economic development strategies and action plans for each goal. The draft strategy will be considered in July 2018. 


Outcome: New Economics created an economic development strategy for this Napa Valley city and facilitated a public workshop that included a synopsis of the unique issues and opportunities faced American Canyon. New Economics presented the key issues, including a lack of worker housing, a tight employment market, high demand for lodging, and available industrial land for wine logistics.

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