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Placer County Multigenerational Center Feasibility Study,

Decision Point: Placer County is considering the development of a multigenerational center that would provide an outlet for the physical, intellectual, and social development of residents in the North Auburn area. The County needed to determine how capital facilities could be funded at the outset, and what level of County subsidy might be needed each year to fund annual operations. New Economics was retained in conjunction with JK Architecture to evaluate both a new-construction scenario and an existing building remodel scenario for a multigenerational center. 

Assignment: New Economics provided demographic and recreation trends data as well as case-study research of comparable facilities and services to identify overall facility size, usage patterns, and profitability of recreation programs. This information helped to frame the scale of the potential center and uses. New Economics prepared a capital funding overview and a 10-year cash flow projection to highlight the difference in subsidy for both

construction/renovation and operations over time. This work required coordination with the Auburn Recreation and Park District and Placer County staff, review of existing park fee nexus studies, and case-study research of comparable facilities elsewhere in Northern California.

Outcome: The analysis has been completed and was presented to the Board of Supervisors in early 2017.

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